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Jan 01 2009
By law any property offered for sale or rent must now have a BER certificate. That means you should not even put it on t...
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Dec 01 2008
We provide the complete ONE STOP SHOP for all your energy performance certification needs. Call the professionals now. ...
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Unique Service agreement for Auctioneers, Estate Agents and Letting agents:
best breitling replica We offer our partner Auctioneers and Estate Agents a unique service agreement that will ensure protection for the sales professional from any adverse consequences from the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.
We offer our partners a special 48 hour express service and our general 5 day BER service. All of these are based on all relevant information being made available to our assessor on day one.
www.jazstock.com We guarantee that where possible we will do everything we can to give each property the best BER rating possible within the regulations. Drawing from our experience and the best practice syst ems we have put in place we can with the assistance of the client guarantee the best possible rating. We have no hidden agenda and our aim is to provide you and your clients with bell & ross replica the best possible independent and accurate BER service.

What is a BER Label?
A Building Energy Rating Label (BER) is a standardised way to examine and represent the energy performance of a property. The BER is expressed in performance bands, rated on a scale of A to G, with 'A' being the most energy efficient, and 'G' being the least energy efficient.

When is a BER Label required?
BER labels are now required for new properties and a BER Label is required for any property (New or Existing) offered for sale, rent or lease. It is the responsibility of the property owner who is offering the property for Sale or rent (and their agents) to provide the BER Label. < br />
What Will Happen if I Fail to Obtain a BER for My Dwelling as Required by Law?
It is an offence to offer the property for sale or rent without a current BER Label.If you fail to comply with a BER requirement you will be liable, on conviction in the District Court, to a maximum fine of €5,000. Failure to secure a BER Label at the proper time could hinder or delay the legal completion of a sale or letting or a future disposal of the relevant dwelling. For this reason we encourage early provision of BER certificates.

Can a property fail the BER assessment?
No. Your property cannot fail. Your property will be given a rating from A to G based on a standardised survey of the building fabric and energy supply using the improved DEAP 3 (Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure) Software.

What ot her benefits will a BER give?
Society is turning eco-aware and the property market has turned into a buyers market. Your BER will have a significant impact on the value and desirability of your property and could be the direction that the property trade is heading in.

How long is a BER valid for?
The BER Label is valid for 10 years provided that there is no material change to the building that could affect its energy performance.

Gilroy Energy Services as your partner for BER
We are a BER Assessor company registered with SEI and all assessors employed by Gilroy Energy Services are also registered with SEI. (See www.sei.ie or https://ber.sei.ie ).
We offer a full BER Assessment service together with Air Tightness testing, Thermal imaging and Energy audits. We issue all our clients with a detailed Advisory Report which will h ighlight areas where cost effective improvements can be made to the BER and the energy efficiency of the property.

Is an Estate Agent an “agent” for the purposes of the regulations?
Regulation 7(2) imposes the obligation on a “person who offers for sale or letting…. A building “ to produce the BER certificate and Advisory report. This obligation extends to “….any agent acting on behalf of such person….” However the term “agent” is not in fact defined for the purposes of the regulations. It is the view of the conveyancing committee of the law society however, that a solicitor acting in the conveyancing/letting on behalf of a vendor is an agent of the vendor and is prima facia caught by the obligations of article 7(2). This provision would almost certainly apply to Estate Agents or letting agents also. Gilroy Energy Services as your BER partner can ensure that you a re fully in compliance with the regulations. Give us a call and we can set up a procedure to ensure compliance. 

What Impact Will BERs have on the property market?

A person wishing to sell or rent a property will be required to get an energy performance certificate in the form of a BER rating carried out by a registered BER assessment company such as Gilroy Energy Services and to provide prospective buyers or tenants with this information. This will increase awareness of energy performance as a factor in the property market. Those with better rated homes i.e. more energy efficient homes will be motivated to highlight this as a positive selling point while those with poorer rated homes may be motivated to upgrade their homes as set out in the advisory report.

It is expected that investments in the energy performance of homes will benefit building owners and users in terms of improved comfort, lower energy ru nning costs and possibly higher property values. Over time it can be expected to contribute to a change in market behavior, which will ultimately improve the energy efficiency of the national housing stock and collectively, over time, these market activities could result in an environmental protection benefit in terms of a reduction in CO2 emissions from Ireland’s national building stock

A house with all the credentials regarding energy efficiency will be more sought after and will represent a higher value and status.

At present the main requirements may be price and location but potential buyers will see themselves forced to move quality and energy efficiency higher up the list of priorities.

Why Choose Gilroy Energy Services as your BER Partner

  1. Independence - We are totally independent and have no hidden agenda to coerce you towards any particular service or products. The advise given after the assessment has been done is specific to your building.
  2. Multiple Accreditation allows us to provide clients with a complete one-stop shop for all their Energy Performance Certification requirements.
  3. Fast Turnaround – because BER Assessments are our core business we can offer an express turnaround service where we will have your BER Certificate issued to you within 48 Hours.
  4. Accuracy - as BER is at the core of our business we stay completely up to date of current and upcoming legislation which offers you the assurance that you are always getting the best advice. As the owner, builder, developer auctioneer architect or solicitor you have a responsibility to ensure that any building being commissioned is compliant with current legislation.
  5. Value for money - as a professional BER business focused on our core b usiness the volume of assessments carried out allows us to offer the most cost effective service for all developments big or small.
  6. Experience – with 25 years experience of surveying and technical services combined with the latest training and accreditation we have the resources to carry out your Energy Performance assessments using the best survey methodology available.
  7. Registration - We are a BER Assessor company registered with SEI and all assessors employed by Gilroy Energy Services are also registered with SEI. (See www.sei.ie or https://ber.sei.ie ). We offer a full BER Assessment service together with Air Tightness testing and Energy audits.
  8. Advise - We issue all our clients with a detailed Advisory Report which will highlight areas where cost effective improvements can be made to the BER and the energy efficiency of the property.
  9.  Associates – We have secured the services of some of Irelands most experienced energy assessors. We can also draw on years of experience at doing the British version of the BER (SAP Calcs)

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