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Jan 01 2009
By law any property offered for sale or rent must now have a BER certificate. That means you should not even put it on t...
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Dec 01 2008
We provide the complete ONE STOP SHOP for all your energy performance certification needs. Call the professionals now.ma...
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The complete one-stop shop for all your Energy Performance Certification

Welcome to Gilroy Energy Services.
https://best-designer-watches.hdmisplitter.org/best rc robots Men's Elevator Dress Formal Cheap Jewelry Online www.jazstock.com Gilroy Energy Services is a full Energy Performance Certification provider. This new and exciting business was set up by Donal Gilroy in spring 2008 to provide you with a selection of Energy,swiss replcia watches Training and Technical services. Your service is supplied by an SEI Registered BER Assessment Company and employ Assessors and Associates who are all SEI Registered and all have the most up to date training and accreditation.

If you are looking for a company that offer BER and energy assessments as a Core Bu sinessan and not an add on service then Gilroy Energy Services are the people for you,. We offer you a totally independent service and we aim to give you our clients accurate and professional reports at all times. We will not be influenced by any product supplier and our advisory reports will only offer independent choices to you our  clients.

We offer you the complete one-stop shop Energy Performance Certification service and can offer you our in house advanced testing procedures such as Air Pressure Testing and Thermography to get the best and most accurate assessment of your home.

All our assessments are carried out for you using the DEAP Software and methodology issued by SEI for energy assessments. We offer you the confidence of knowing that we have in place a quality controlled a udit procedure to ensure total confidence in our assessments.

Although based in County Sligo and working mainly in Counties Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo and Roscommon we offer our services nationwide and will offer the same independent quality controlled service to you wherever you need us.

February 2009 Insulation Grants.
Government announces national insulation programme for economic recovery €100 million for insulation schemes in 2009   

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Dublin, 8th February 2009

Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Eamon Ryan and Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government John Gormley today launched the national insulation programme for economic recovery. The three-strand insulation programme will cut heating bills for householders, reduce carbon emissions and create thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly over the course of 2009.

In the context o f the economic crisis, there is an opportunity to redirect our economy and refocus state and private investment onto a more sustainable path. This Government announcement of €100 million for this year will unlock the huge potential of energy efficiency for our economy.

Energy efficiency/insulation programmes help provide for economic competitiveness, security of energy supply and tackle climate change. These are the three pillars of the Government’s energy policy. This energy efficiency stimulus programme will be divided into three packages, with the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources taking a co-ordinating role.

Announcing the investment Energy Minister Eamon Ryan said, “This programme will provide a welcome boost to the economy. Central to Government spending in sustainable energy is to get the economy back on track. We need to replace the spending and lending that has contracted and re-focus our public and private investment.

Insulation masal oku makes homes warmer and more comfortable. Householders can expect to have their heating bills with reductions of €700 per annum. This means more money in their pockets. Construction workers will benefit from the thousands of jobs these measures we create. These will be jobs for trades-people throughout the country.

In our current economic climate we need direction and radical thinking. This insulation programme saves energy, saves money and creates jobs. This is what our people, our homes and our economy need at this time”

Minister Gormley commented, “This plan is a welcome kick-start to the overhaul of our housing stock which Ireland badly needs. Government assistance will not be confined to those in private homes but will include those in low income and social housing.

The refurbishment of our local authority housing will also tackle the scourge of fuel poverty that exists in Ireland, particularly during cold weather. Heating will not be wasted going out the roo f our up the chimney. Reducing energy use and CO2 emissions will also help us meet our climate change targets.

This is a programme that benefits our economy, environment and householder at the same time”.

The programme will consist of a number of grant schemes:

 The Home Energy Saving Scheme (private middle income homes) - €50 million

Warmer Homes Scheme and Local Authority housing (low income private homes and rented local authority housing) - €50 million

Grants to support a range of improvements will be available.

The individual schemes will be administered by Sustainable Energy Ireland and are as follows:

The Home Energy Saving Scheme

Application process:
It is expected that the scheme will open for homeowner applications in March 2009. At that time, applications can be made through Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI), online at ww w.sei.ie/hes or by post on forms which will be available on request by ringing 1890 927 000.

SEI are now accepting expressions of interest in participating in the scheme. Homeowners who have expressed an interest in the scheme will be advised when the formal application process is available.

After registering with SEI, homeowners can immediately arrange for a BER assessment to be carried out, if they wish, without awaiting from grant approval. However, the grant for the BER will only be payable after upgrade measures and follow up BER are completed. Applicants must complete the formal application form and await written grant approval before having upgrade measures carried out.


The scheme is aimed at older houses that would not typically have the energy efficiency features of recently built homes. The scheme is open to all houses built prior to 2006. Houses built from 2006 onwards should be built to the Building Regulations 2002 standa rd, which specifies high quality insulation and heating controls

The objectives of the Home Energy Saving Scheme are:

(1) To reduce energy use and CO2 emissions from the existing housing stock, and

(2) To support the development of the energy services industry in Ireland.

Eligible measures:
The table below sets out:
· the eligible measures and the set grant amounts available.
· the typical improvement in BER rating that could be expected from each individual measure, done in isolation.

Note that in estimating the total potential BER improvement, if the full range of measures is installed, the potential BER improvements for each measure should not be added together.

· the typical payback period for each measure, arising from energy saved.



A minimum level of invest ment is required of householders to participate in the scheme. Householders must avail of measures (excluding BER) involving a minimum grant payment of €500 for a first application. This means that householders cannot avail of a grant for roof insulation or cavity wall insulation only. These low cost measures must be undertaken together or with another measure.

Call Gilroy Energy on 087 9386694 and we will advise on which parts of this Grant Scheme are best suited to your needs.

Contact us at any time on

T: 087 9386694
Streedagh, Grange, Co. Sligo

Member of BER Assessors Association of Ireland 

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Grant rate

Typical net BER improvement

Typical payback (years)

Roof Insulation




Cavity Wall Insulation




Internal Wall Insulation




External Wall Insulation




High efficiency boiler plus heating control upgrade




Heating control upgrade only


15 -25%


Building Energy Rating





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